Dumb Idea of the Week

And, not surprisingly, it comes from the American Medical Association. The AMA has proposed a resolution which would call upon state and federal legislatures to restrict the use of the term "Doctor" to only those who have an MD, DO, DDS, or DPM degree.

That's right. According to the AMA, it should be illegal to call me Dr. Jenkins, even though I posess a valid doctor's degree from a federally and state accredited university with permission to offer that degree.

Even though getting my doctor degree required more hours than required to get a medical degree.

Even though I posess not one, but two post-graduate board certifications, each requiring hundreds of hours of education.

And certainly, there couldn't be a single psychologist in the country worthy of being called doctor. Nor should anyone holding a PhD be worthy of the term.

I don't know whether to attribute this  brand-spanking-new medical folly to a bad case of acute arrogance or simply institutional dementia.

Or, it could be that  the fear is starting to set in.

The fear that the medical "doctors" will continue to lose patients to professions like mine, real doctors who know how to create health, not just dress illness up in a drug and call it healthy.

The fear that people will start to realize that yes, according to the CDC's own statistics, medical "doctors" kill as many people as 5 jumbo jets crashing every day.

The fear that the curtain of concealment is starting to tear, and patients are beginning to recognize that the wizards of health -- those so-called medical "doctors" -- are little more than Kansan hucksters selling cartloads of high-tech snake oil.

Frankly, I'm livid. Can you tell?