5 Nutrition Facts You Didn't Know

  1. Studies have shown that cellular phone use leads to higher levels of oxidative stress in the brain. Oxidative stress represents damage to the brain's tissue. Now a recent study has shown that Ginko biloba can protect the brain from cellphone-induced oxidative damage.
  2. Surgical anaesthesia reduces the body's ability to combat oxidative damage naturally, so elevating antioxidant levels prior to surgery will help avoid the additional damage due to higher oxidation levels.
  3. Magnesium deficiency -- one of the most common nutrient deficiencies -- can result in higher levels of Substance P, a chemical which plays an important role in pain sensitivity. Mice kept in magnesium-deficient states showed higher levels of Substance P as well as other inflammatory chemicals.
  4. Higher levels of Vitamin B complex can reduce a smoker's risk of cancer. That's still no excuse to smoke, especially when there are now a number of pharmaceutical-free ways to help you quit.
  5. Coenzyme Q-10 can increase the sperm count and sperm health of infertile men.

There you go. Now you know 5 more things about nutrition than almost everybody else.