Your Prescription May Be Your Problem

This is an open invitation to attend my fall seminar.


Wednesday, Oct. 29, 7-8:30 p.m. Litchfield Community Center Reservations and directions: call (860) 567-5727


Drugs for this problem, drugs for that problem...if you would believe the advertising, there really is "a pill for every ill."

Unfortunately, drug advertising, like all other advertising, is a fantasy. In fact, there is a gathering body of research evidence which shows that prescription drugs cause as many problems as they solve. Certainly, for some disorders, especially acute problems, drugs are necessary. But chronic disorders are another matter entirely. From painkillers to hormone replacements to the drugs that were supposed to "cure" osteoporosis, and which have now been shown to cause bone erosion (!), the drug-based approach to chronic health problems has been proven to be both dangerous and largely ineffective.

There is a different way. A different approach to chronic disease which replaces drug dependence with self-reliance and instead of side effects offers positive effects.

At this upcoming seminar, I will show you the research that tells us:

  • What are the most dangerous common prescription drugs.
  • Which class of over-the-counter drugs is the leading cause of emergency room admissions.
  • How you can evaluate your drug-related risk.
  • What are the most common disorders, including leading causes of mortality, that can be better managed without drugs.

 But most importantly, I will show you that there are cost-effective, safe alternatives to a drug-based approach to health. These alternatives are science-based, proven by research, and have been clinically validated.

This seminar is absolutely free! Please set aside the time to attend. Space is limited, so make sure to call (860)567-5727 and tell Teresa that you are coming.  Or send me an email and let me know how many seats you need to reserve. And don't hesitate to recommend this lecture to your friends. It will be a fun, interesting, educational time.

I am looking forward to seeing you!