Public Agrees With Chiropractic Doctors: No Special Regulation Needed

In a classic set-up, the Hartford Courant published an online poll asking readers if chiropractic patients should be required to sign special consent forms, as I mentioned in a previous post. The poll question was placed directly across from a Rick Green anti-chiropractic screed, in which Mr. Green manages to disclose both an appalling lack of understanding of scientific research as well as feeble rabble-rousing skills in his attempts to mislead the public about this topic.

I wouldn't mind so much about the anti-science bent of his column if Mr. Green was at least able to generate some fire underneath his supporters.

But, alas, he could not even do that. Normally, the placement of a survey as the Courant did in this situation virtually guarantees that the results are skewed in favor of the opinion of the columnist. Not so in this case. Here are the most recent poll results:

Rick Green rant fails to persuade public

I'm sorry, Mr. Green, but it looks like the public has spoken.

And they think you, and the proposed regulation, is wrong.