Welcome to National Bike Month!

May Is National Bike Month

Welcome to National Bike Month! To celebrate this most worthy steed and its versatility, economy and pure fun as a transportation device, I will, each day in the month of May, post a useful tip or fun fact about biking.

Here's today's tip: We all know that bike riding saves money and improves health. But all too often, we find it difficult to find a way to work cycling into our daily routine.

So try doing this. Pull out a map of where you live. draw a one mile diameter circle with your house at the center. Then, just one day per week, use your bike to run any errand that falls within that circle.

For me, that circle will include the grocery market, post office, library and several stores where I regularly purchase goods. You'll be surprised at the number of places that will fall within your circle. Try it and see!

If you follow this program while we have comfortable cycling weather -- just one day per week for 4 months -- you will have saved about $60 simply by leaving your car in the driveway for those trips.

If you want to, you can use that $60 to take yourself out to dinner. Your waistline can certainly afford it, because you will have burned an extra 2,000 kcal.

Dr. Avery Jenkins is a chiropractic physician specializing in the treatment of people with chronic disorders. He can be reached at alj@docaltmed.com or by calling 860-567-5727.