25 Things You Didn't Know a Chiropractor Could Do: DOT Medical Exams

Last week, I attended a seminar with a few hundred other doctors to get prepared for the new federal regulations about DOT medical exams. Anyone who has a commercial drivers license (CDL) knows about the medical exam they have to take every 2 years (sometimes more often) in order to keep it. I've been doing these exams for several years, and over this time, the federal Department of Transportation has been reviewing and upgrading their medical exam program.

The result is that, in 2014, any doctor providing DOT medical exams will have to pass a test and be certified by the agency before they will be allowed to issue medical certificates to drivers. Always one for being on the bleeding edge, I'm one of the first physicians in the country to have undergone the new DOT training, and I will be among the first wave of doctors to be taking the test later this year. The regulations have gotten complex enough so that this has become a bit of a speciality, and can no longer be adequately performed by most primary care physicians.

In order to make it easier for drivers, I've developed my 65-15-24 Guarantee.

65 -- The full cost of the exam is $65. Unlike others, I will not charge for reviewing medical histories, consultant reports, or additional visits that might be required by DOT regulations.

15 -- Once you have completed your paperwork, you will not wait more than 15 minutes to see me. If you do, your exam will be provided at no cost.

24 -- You can get in to see me for your exam within 1 business day.

If you've ever read my previous post on my core principles, you will see how this service fits, and why I've chosen to incorporate this guarantee.

Check your paperwork. If you need to re-up your medical exam, or you know someone who does, have them give me a call at 860-567-5727. Or, go to www.dot-exams.com for more information.