Chiropractic Primary Care Better Than MD

I will guarantee you that you will not hear about the following research on any of the news channels. Nor will you read about it in the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the Hartford Courant for that matter. But anyone who is not a chiropractic patient should know this. According to a recently-published, 7-year study, if your primary care physician is a chiropractor, you are less likely to need surgery; you are less likely to need drugs; and your health care will cost less. And it is not a small difference. Patients of primary care chiropractors required 85% fewer drugs. They had 60% fewer hospitalizations. If any of these patients did require hospitalization, their stay was reduced by 59%.Those are phenomenal numbers. And the study sample wasn't small. The study encompassed seven years and included more than 70,000 patient-months.

In a country that is searching for ways to reduce health care costs, you would think that this study would be Big News. Look at it this way:

If private and public health care policies encouraged the use of chiropractic doctors, rather than disparaging chiropractic care, the savings would amount to $112 Billion every year. And that's only in the savings resulting from decreased dependence on prescription drugs.And that is precisely why you won't see this reported in any major news outlet. Just take a look through any magazine, from Newsweek to Prevention, and count up the number of pages of drug ads. That alone pretty much tells you who controls the health news agenda -- and it isn't chiropractic.

The idea that chiropractic physicians should be primary care physicians is not exactly a new idea. In the first 60 years of our existence, that is exactly the role we filled throughout the country.

It has only been over the past 30-40 years that we have been pigeonholed into "back and neck" doctors. But the research is in and the facts are clear. If you want better primary care at lower cost--call your chiropractic physician today!