Combating Child Obesity…One Step At A Time.

30% of morning traffic consists of people taking their children to school.

Childhood obesity is skyrocketing.

Coincidence? Not hardly.

I remember the walks to and from school as often being the highlights of my day. When I was younger, it was the source for many an adventure, and as I reached adolescence, an opportunity for romance.

My children have the option of taking a bus, but frequently have chosen to walk. As a result, they have gotten to know shopkeepers in town, in one case leading to an after-school job offer.

It is these simple things that can begin to reverse our nation's downward spiral into disease and drug dependency.

To help your kids begin walking to school, start here.

Comment of the Week

One of the things I like about being the type of doctor that I am is that patients feel free to speak their mind to me. As happened today, while I was performing trigger point therapy (a highly effective but admittedly somewhat painful technique for some muscle problems), my patient said to me:

Patient: "Doc, that #$%^&! hurts!

Me: "Yeah, I know, sorry about that."

Patient: "That's your bike out front, right?"

Me: "Yeah. Rode it in this morning."

Patient: "Yeah, well, when you're done with me, I'm taking care of it. You're walking home tonight."