The 5 Most Deadly Heart Disease Myths

If you have read this blog for more than 5 minutes, you probably already know two things:

  1. I believe (because the research demonstrates) that taking control of your health care is the best way to become, and remain, healthy.
  2. I believe (because the research demonstrates) that mainstream medicine has absolutely failed in the prevention and treatment of most chronic diseases.

You may not yet know that heart disease, though it is the number two killer in this country (after medicine itself, which is in first place as the leading cause of death) is a chronic disease which is comprehensively preventable. But the "pill for every ill" mindset has prevented us from addressing the problem of heart disease in any kind of effective, comprehensive way. In fact, most of what you have been told by the media and your medical doctor about the causes and prevention of heart disease is wrong.

Hopefully, I can change that in a small way, on Wednesday, February 16. That evening, I will be giving my first seminar of 2011, titled:

The 5 Most Deadly Heart Disease Myths

  • Why your cholesterol levels really don't matter.

  • Why the drugs you are taking may be doing you more harm than good.

  • The "bad" foods that are actually good for heart health.

  • The real causes of heart disease, and how you can prevent and reverse it.

  • Why the heart disease statistics are fatally wrong.

Please join me on Wednesday, February 16 at 7 p.m.

Litchfield Community Center

Seating is limited -- Call or email today for reservations.