Thanks for always making time for Heather and I no matter what we get ourselves into. You are running a top shelf / realistic practice here in town,and we appreciate it, even though it is quite painful at times. Thank you for everything you do for us in order to keep us upright and moving. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to acupuncture next…
— Brian W
Dr. Jenkins is the most thoroughly knowledgeable healthcare professional I know. He’s better read than most MD’s, and more trustworthy than the medical journals. He understands more about pharmaceuticals than anyone. Several times he has warned me about the danger of some drug, years before it is reported in the mainstream press. There is nobody I trust more to tell me the truth about how to care for my health.
— Bob C
Dr. Jenkins, Thank you very much for listening to me today. I am truly grateful to have found you. I am feeling better than I have in years and my quality of life has improved beyond my expectations. Words cannot express my gratitude for all you have done.
— JA
Dr. Avery Jenkins saved my son’s life. I had taken him to 6 specialist’s over the span of a year and a half. No one could diagnose what was wrong with him, but all agreed that if something wasn’t done he would quickly be in serious trouble. I was frantic! After meeting Dr. Jenkins, I thought, it couldn’t hurt to have him look at my son. In two visits with Dr. Jenkin’s, my son was well on his way to a full recovery! He was scheduled for a procedure in Boston the week after our visits for a surgery that would have resulted in him having bowel issues the rest of his life. Instead, he took the recommended herbal remedies and treatments from Dr. Jenkins and was completely healed. Additionally, Dr. Jenkins identified the foods that were causing my son’s gastric system to shut down. That was six years ago and my son is living a normal life as a healthy adult! Since that time, I have sent many people to Dr. Jenkins who have been extremely satisfied with his help. In regards to the practical experience of visiting his office, I submit the following: As soon as I walked through the door, I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff. I’ve never had to worry about them being understaffed or not being able to help me right when I need it. Whenever I called with a question, I never felt stupid for asking it. I always received a prompt answer and complete cooperation from the staff. I love that I can always get an appointment right away, and I never have to worry about them rescheduling it. The treatment method was explained in-depth to me before they started the treatment. I was totally prepared for everything that was going to be done during the adjustments, and I was completely comfortable.
— Jane