An Alternative Medicine Center with over 300 herbs and supplements.


The Center has several features which set it apart from most other alternative medicine facilities, including the Center’s unique Dispensary.  Stocked with over 300 herbs and supplements, the Dispensary’s wide range of natural remedies enables Dr. Jenkins to be the only doctor in Connecticut who provides custom herbal formulations for his patients.

In our drug testing facility, we can provide on-site testing for drugs of abuse with immediate result reporting. Same-day appointments are available.

Dr. Jenkins is also one of the few doctors in the state who has already undergone the federally-mandated training which will be necessary for all Department of Transportation Medical Examiners by 2014. Medical examinations for your Commercial Drivers License will take only 25 minutes, and Dr. Jenkins will provide you with all necessary paperwork.

The Center also provides both mental health services and massage therapy services through independent providers located here. David Pavlick, LICSW, provides both talk therapy and neurofeedback using state-of-the-art equipment, while Christine DeCarolis provides healing massage therapy and reiki at her studio located at the Center.